Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eco Wooden House brings sustainability and luxury to the forest

It may be nestled on “Mount Misery” in Sag Harbor, NY, but this rustic eco home is wooden bliss. Designed by the architects at Jendretzki Design and Planning Consultant, this wooden clad house renovation served to open the indoors to the outside environment. Outdoor living rooms expand the home’s square footage beyond its conventional walls. The surrounding gardens and forest become a part of the house by opening up the walls and incorporating parches and terraces that are connected by outdoor stairs, all made of reclaimed wood. These multiple elevations also create a visual and functional flow for this slope house plan. Apart from being largely built using recycled wood, there are also a number of other eco sustainable home technologies, like solar energy panels, rain water recycling, sustainable building materials, energy-efficient appliances and HVAC systems. Interiors are bathed in natural light and feature all the warm, wooden appeal that characterizes the home’s facade, complementing the calm, peaceful, natural surroundings.

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