Sunday, March 21, 2010

Simple Small House Design in Denmark offers plenty of space and light

Skybox sounds more like an amusement park ride than it does a residence, but this simple small house design by Danish architecture firm Primus is just as thrilling if you’re into contemporary and unusual homes. At 75m2, this modern wood clad house on the coast of Zealand in Denmark, crams all the good stuff into a deceivingly small footprint. “The main focus has been to add spatiality and experience of light,” according to the architect. The simple floor plan of this small house features two bedrooms, with special attention paid to the positioning of public and private spaces to accommodate the two generations of family living here. This rectangular-shaped house is clad in oak, and features floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass doors that blur the boundary between inside and out – another important objective in this simple design. “Skyboxes”, or skylights, are incorporated all through the home to add a sense of space, light and air to every room. But their purpose is also on for an eco sustainable home – apart from naturally illuminating interiors, the skylights naturally ventilate the house through the chimney effect.

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